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Participatory democracy strives to create opportunities for all members of a population to make meaningful contributions to decision-making and seeks to broaden the range of people who have access to such opportunities. (Wikipedia: Participatory democracy)

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Participate Practically

‘Participate Practically’ is a 10-hour self-paced online course designed to help you plan, launch, administer and evaluate participation projects.

European Partnership for Democracy

We are a partnership bringing together 20 specialist organisations to support democracy.

Manifiesto por la ampliación de la democracia

Pretendemos lograr que las nuevas e innovadoras formas de participación, que ya son una realidad en el ámbito internacional y en nuestras propias regiones y entidades locales, lo sean también en el ámbito estatal español. También queremos aumentar el nivel de exigencia respecto del funcionamiento, inclusividad, transparencia y rendición de cuentas de los mecanismos y herramientas de participación ya existentes.

National Civic League

Advancing civic engagement to create equitable, thriving communities

Center for Democracy Innovation

The mission of the National Civic League’s Center for Democracy Innovation is to understand, test, and disseminate innovations that can make democracy more participatory, equitable, and productive.



Geneva, Switzerland

Octree is a startup studio to build today's digital commons: viable, open & fair.

Projekat Populus

Projekat Populus

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina / Босна и Херцеговина)

Platforma omogućava dvosmjernu komunikaciju i interaktivnu razmjenu informacija između građana i njihove lokalne zajednice.


E-peticija je zahtjev za određenu promjenu u tvojoj lokalnoj zajednici koji upućuješ donosiocima odluka, a koja se realizuje nakon što tvoja peticija skupi dovoljan broj potpisa.

Javna rasprava Lokal

Javna rasprava Lokal

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina / Босна и Херцеговина)

Javna rasprava Lokal je web platforma koja je pokrenuta kao alat za poboljšanja dvosmjerne komunikacije između građana/ki i donosioca/teljki odluka na lokalnom nivou.

The OpenAustralia Foundation PO Box 147 Katoomba NSW 2780 helps you to keep track of what your politicians are doing and saying on your behalf in Parliament.

The Computational Democracy Project

The Computational Democracy Project designs, engineers and maintains Polis, an open source, real-time system for gathering, analyzing and understanding what large groups of people think in their own words, enabled by advanced statistics and machine learning.




Twelve like-minded European and global organizations committed to advancing democratic innovation and participation are coming together in the new Horizon project Nets4Dem.

They Work for Us

They Work for Us

No. 1 Building, 6th Floor, Soi Patpong, 1 Surawong Rd, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Thailand's Members of Parliament Monitoring Website

Parlameter Slovenia

Parlameter je orodje, ki z analizo glasovanj in transkriptov nastopov lajša spremljanje dela v Državnem zboru.




An iLab Liberia project, in conjunction with mySociety, powered by Alaveteli


Raccogliamo dati per produrre informazioni utili e di qualità. Un patrimonio pubblico e aperto, curato e arricchito ogni giorno.

Declaration on Parliamentary Openness

The Declaration on Parliamentary Openness is a call to national parliaments, and sub-national and transnational legislative bodies, by civil society parliamentary monitoring organizations (PMOs) for an increased commitment to openness and to citizen engagement in parliamentary work.

United Humans

[W]hich aspires to establish a global democracy, solving the hard problem of representing every human in the world – including those who won’t participate – without the help of government.

Delib Citizen Space

Delib Citizen Space

Orchard Street Business Centre, 13-14 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH

Next-generation engagement tools for 21st century democracy.

Agora (France)

Agora (France)

Paris, France

L'application Agora permet aux Français de s'exprimer sur des sujets à forts enjeux en participant à des consultations et en posant des questions au Gouvernement.

Agora (Parliaments)

The leading global knowledge platform on parliamentary development.

Deliberative Democracy Digest

The Deliberative Democracy Digest publishes a roundup of recent developments in the theory and practice of deliberative democracy. It is the companion piece of the academic publication Journal of Deliberative Democracy (formerly Journal of Public Deliberation).

World Atlas of Participatory Budgeting

The World Atlas of Participatory Budgeting represents the widest compilation of data, to date, on the situation of these processes on the planet.

Lithuania is a Lithuanian website that serves as a platform for creating and signing petitions.

Dalyvauk! Anykščiai

This platform helps municipality facilitate participatory budgeting in the municipality.

Fundusz sołecki

Polish law institutionalizing the "Village Fund" form of participatory budgeting, first in rural areas and later required for the 66 largest cities

Dalyvauk! Klaipėda

This platform helps municipality facilitate participatory budgeting in the municipality.



Vilnius, Lithuania

A platform for the public sector to directly consult with the citizens.

Idėja Tauragei

This platform helps municipality facilitate participatory budgeting in the municipality.

Dalyvauk! Vilnius

This platform helps municipality facilitate participatory budgeting in the municipality.

The Democracy Forum

The Democracy Forum is a not-for-profit NGO which promotes ideals of democracy, pluralism and tolerance through public debate.

Centre for Democracy

The Centre for Democracy was founded in January 2021 to develop the ecosystem of organisations working towards a better democracy in the UK

Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is the largest gathering devoted to direct democracy worldwide. It favours a multidisciplinary approach, welcoming participants from academic, political and civil society perspectives.

Free Machine

Free Machine awakens civic participation where emerging technology, public policy, and culture meet.

Future Perfect

Future Perfect is a live, choose-your-own-adventure game where players join an imagined society called Tomorrowland.

European Democracy Hub

The European Democracy Hub acts as a hub for expertise on European democracy support, bringing together analysts and policymakers. 

Sitra Digital power and democracy project

The project produces information on new forms of digital power and enables people to make a difference in matters that are important to them.

MAPLE: The Massachusetts Platform for Legislative Engagement

MAPLE makes it easy for anyone to view and submit testimony to the Massachusetts Legislature about the bills that will shape our future.

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