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Qué Hacen Los Diputados

The (Spanish) parliamentary monitoring we deserve

QHLD, “What do parliamentarians do?” in English, is an online, parliamentary monitoring platform, which has been active for more than 10 years. The mission of this platform is to offer accessible and useful information about parliamentary activity to civil society organizations and citizens in general. To achieve this, we have developed a tool that automates information extraction from the Parliament website to analyze later. A quick note: since the beginning of the actual political cycle, our tool has processed more than 100,000 parliamentary initiatives. The analysis is done by using natural language processing methods in order to label each initiative with a set of topics from our collection (formed by 23 topics and more than 5,000 keywords). These topics are related to democratic quality and social and environmental issues. QHLD offers an advanced online search engine as well as a personalized notification system which alerts you each time we find an initiative that matches your preselected criteria. These notifications are very useful for journalists and social organizations when they want to be up to date on a specific topic, a parliamentary group activity or the approval of a law, but they don’t have enough time to look for parliamentary news on their own. Furthermore, QHLD has a bunch of functionalities like digital cards for initiatives, parliamentary groups and deputies, that contain clear information about their work and which topics are prioritized by them.

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Parent Organization: Political Watch
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