Civitech’s campaign management platform, RunningMate, is the affordable solution for campaigns of all sizes and budgets.

We’ve created features for RunningMate with Democratic and progressive campaigns in mind. Here are some of RunningMate’s most exciting features:

Explore your district with an interactive map that has political and demographic data for every precinct. Zoom in on your district map for individual voters and households with all the information you need to talk with them. Find your voters with powerful filters, including searching by party lean, voting history and likelihood, registration status, race, gender, age, and more Export your data for voter contact. Import your donors, volunteers, and more to create custom lists. Get a complete view of your voters by adding unregistered voter data in your district. Identify and tag your supporters, then watch your goals update in the Goal Tracker.

Organization Type: For-profit business, social enterprise, or B Corp
Status: Active
Founded: 2024
Parent Organization: CiviTech
Last Modified: 4/29/2024
Added on: 4/29/2024

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