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Dashboards present and visualize key data, including trends and hotspots, in a single glance. The most common example in this subgenre are municipal dashboards, which display data indicators across a city for operators or citizens to monitor.

Suggested reading:

Heather Froehlich and Michael Correll question if dashboards are "acting not as aids to decision-making but as devices to be passively consumed or observed: spectacles to “take in” rather than tools to guide action".

Katya Abazajian asks, "When so many data dashboards offer few satisfying answers, we might wonder why local leaders default to building them again, and again, and again. Is it too late to give dashboards a new purpose?"

Govtech: Chief data officers gathering at the Bloomberg CityLab conference in Amsterdam recently looked back on all those data dashboards so quickly built during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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Misinformation Amplification Analysis and Tracking Dashboard

At the Integrity Institute, we are tracking how misinformation performs on platforms to measure the extent to which platforms are amplifying misinformation, and the extent to which they are creating an incentive structure that rewards lies and misinformation online.


ImpactBoard is a data management solution (and dashboard) that provides programmes with intelligence to achieve impact.

Hamilton 2.0

The Hamilton 2.0 dashboard, a project of the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, provides a summary analysis of the narratives and topics promoted by Russian, Chinese, and Iranian government officials and state-funded media on Twitter, YouTube, state-sponsored news websites, and via official diplomatic statements at the United Nations.

Ride Report

From bikes to scooters and everything in between, dockless mobility offers cities a range of new options and challenges. Ride Report is your comprehensive toolset to manage emerging mobility services.

Civil Cops

Report Civic & Social Issues through our Artificially Intelligent chat & voice interfaces integrated onto all the major social media channels

OpenGov Open Data

OpenGov’s comprehensive open data and financial transparency solutions help agencies of all sizes drive accountability, make data more useful, engage the public, and unlock economic potential. OpenGov is the first complete cloud solution for public sector budgeting, operational performance, and citizen engagement.

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