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X-ray contact
Slovenia (Slovenija)

A platform for searching information about people based on open-source data

We use technologies to systemize and analyze data from open sources to provide you with an easy-to-understand reliable report on a targeted person. This report will contain overall data about contact info, nicknames, locations, images of a person, presence on social media with direct links, as well as advanced phone and email analysis.

X-Ray offers a global reach with extensive coverage of public records and other sources all over the world. You can have immediate access to the most relevant information about a targeted person within a few clicks, using different extended search types to please every request: image, email, phone, and name search.

Organization Type: For-profit business, social enterprise, or B Corp
Status: Active
Claimed Status: Claimed
Founded: 2022
Open Source: No
Last Modified: 1/1/2024
Added on: 4/14/2023

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