Hatebase was a collaborative, regionalized repository of multilingual hate speech, developed in partnership between the Dark Data Project and The Sentinel Project

"For almost a decade, Hatebase assisted humanitarian organizations, community-focused government agencies, university researchers and lexicographers, and content moderators of large and small online ecosystems in their efforts to protect targeted populations, particularly in contexts where online threats escalate to real-world violence. Part of that challenge was defending people’s fundamental rights to free expression and dissent, even when it comes from those who disparage others or threaten harm.

In 2022, we made the difficult decision to officially retire Hatebase so that we could focus on other important initiatives; as a result, Hatebase’s user data was deleted and its API deprecated. The Hatebase website remains online, for the time being, as a browsable archive.

As we pass the torch to other organizations doing innovative work on the lexicographic analysis and mitigation of hate speech, we sincerely thank the humanitarian community and our many supporters and volunteers for their support over the years."

Status: Inactive
Parent Organization: Dark Data Project
Last Modified: 12/23/2022
Added on: 12/23/2022

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