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Dark Data Project

The Dark Data Project helps organizations uncover, deobfuscate, semantify and analyze problematic datasets

Founded in 2020, the Dark Data Project helps humanitarian organizations with challenging data projects, often pro bono. Our primary focus is on resolving data barriers, particularly involving obfuscated or otherwise problematic datasets. Our team focuses on a wide variety of issues, including Indigenous and rural populations, land and water rights, biodiversity, sustainability, opportunities for small businesses, etc. All of our work is available on our website. We welcome volunteers and new partners.

Status: Active
Claimed Status: Claimed
Project(s): Hatebase
Open Source: Varies; we partner with humanitarian and conservation orgs, often on a pro bono basis, and they choose whether to open source whatever is produced. Our preference is obviously always to open source code, data and methodology.
Last Modified: 1/1/2024
Added on: 8/17/2022

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