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Accessible databases of civic and media archives.

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Project Dokaz Alliance

This project brings together leading innovators from the international criminal law community with pioneers in the Web3 ecosystem to develop secure and resilient solutions for accountability in Ukraine.


Save (Share Archive Verify Encrypt) by OpenArchive enables you to safely preserve, organize, and share your mobile media. Designed with and for newsrooms, human rights defenders, and archivists, Save keeps you in control of your mobile media at all times.

WhatsApp archiver

The WhatsApp archiver consolidates chat files exported from different WhatsApp conversations into one database. The scraper relies on WhatsApp's export chat feature which allows 40,000 messages to be exported without media and 10,000 to be exported with media. If a media item has not been downloaded to your phone, it cannot be exported through the export chat feature. The archiver removes overlaps in different files exported from a chat; and anonymizes sender and group names.


Archive containing content scraped from all the different sources- the Tattle Jod telegram bot, Fact-checking sites, social media and chat apps.


WikiRumours is a web-based database which enables geographically distributed teams to collaborate asynchronously on monitoring, verifying, and countering the spread of harmful rumours and misinformation.

Disinfo Database

EU vs Disinfo's database of over 12,000 samples of pro-Kremlin disinformation

Arquivo Casoteca

Conheça casos envolvendo liberdade de expressão no ambiente digital

The New Deal Map

We've mapped more than 17,000 New Deal sites and now have more than 100 sites documented in every state.

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