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a convenient place to verify that our efforts are to have hope in the future cleaner network environment, cultivate hope we have a verification message can alert attitude Instead of sharing information

// 對於 MyGoPen 的起源是希望協助長輩或有資訊落差的朋友們,有個方便查證的地方,我們的努力是希望未來能有更乾淨的網路環境,希望培養大家都有個可以警戒查證訊息的態度,而不是人云亦云的分享資訊。.

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Last Modified: 5/22/2024
Added on: 6/22/2021

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The website receives at least 300 messages daily, most of which come from the elders' doubts about the news. (Source, 2020-3 )

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