A free app that narrates the world around you. Designed for the low vision community, this research project harnesses the power of AI to describe people, text and objects

This app may not be the first of its kind but it is packed with even more features allowing the visually impaired to have greater insight into the visual world around them.

Whereas standard object recognition tech does not interpret the objects environment, Seeing AI goes further to analyze surroundings via imaging and interprets that for users. The app assists also in reading text, including item labels and handwriting, help to identify certain objects like banknotes, read street signs and even describes a person's physical appearance and mood.

Despite providing so many features already, Seeing AI is continually improving and open to suggestions from users regarding new useful features it could add in the future.

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Status: Active
Founded: 2019
Parent Organization: Microsoft
Last Modified: 2023-02-20 00:00:00

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