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The web and other technologies should be accessible to all people. The ability to use technology regardless of disability or status is a fundamental precursor to that technology serving civic goals.

Empathy Prompts

This site loads one of a series of prompts to help the user empathize with people experiencing various conditions, from Multiple Sclerosis to near-sightedness.

Disability Inclusion Toolkit

This Ford Foundation toolkit includes introductory disability definitions and language guidelines, in addition to guidance on creating accessible in-person and virtual events, social media, and disability inclusive employment practices from recruitment to retention. The toolkit serves as a public good available to any organization that can benefit from the tools, tips, and guidance offered within.

Accessibility Personas

The GDS Accessibility team has created 7 different accessibility personas. Each persona has different access needs.

Disability Futures Fellows at Ford Foundation

Created by, for and with disabled practitioners, Disability Futures is an initiative—developed in partnership with The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and administered by United States Artists—to spotlight the work of disabled creatives across disciplines and geography and amplify their voices individually and collectively.

Code for Africa Universal Access Guide

The purpose of this guide is to standardise accessibility features and ensure accessibility compliance across Code for Africa’s projects. Please feel free to copy and adapt it for your organisation.

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