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Technologies that train models to autonomously support or function independently of direct human effort

The Future Society

Advancing the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies for the benefit of humanity. We build understanding of what AI is and its impacts. We do research to better inform everyone and to help decision-makers do the right thing. Our research gives actionable ideas for enjoying the benefits of AI and avoiding its risks. We build bridges between people caring about AI and how it changes our lives. We bring different groups of people together, online and offline, to share ideas and opinions and to work together towards common goals. We build innovative solutions to help communities and people all over the world enjoy the benefits of AI and avoid its risks. We bring together ideas and people to create tools that we can all use to make sure AI benefits everyone.

Legal Robot

Legal tech startup using Artificial Intelligence to make Legal Documents less painful & improve Access to Justice.

US Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services

Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services unites public service managers and innovative U.S. businesses in evaluating and building smart automatio

Judgment Call

Judgment Call is an award-winning game and team-based activity that puts Microsoft’s AI principles of fairness, privacy and security, reliability and safety, transparency, inclusion, and accountability into action. The game provides an easy-to-use method for cultivating stakeholder empathy by imagining their scenarios. Game participants write product reviews from the perspective of a particular stakeholder, describing what kind of impact and harms the technology could produce from their point of view.


ParityBOT is a Twitter bot that spins the abuse and toxicity directed at women in politics into positive, uplifting and encouraging messages. The artificial intelligence technology that powers ParityBOT detects and classifies hateful, harmful and toxic tweets directed at women in leadership or public office. For every toxic tweet that passes a certain threshold, the bot posts a “positivitweet.” ParityBOT has been deployed in Canada during the federal election in 2019, and the Alberta election in 2019. During this time: +245,000 tweets were processed 393 candidates were tracked +20,000 positive tweets sent

We use advance machine learning techniques to detect political propaganda bots on Twitter.

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