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Technologies that train models to autonomously support or function independently of direct human effort.

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The Climate Realism Exhibition

The WWF Climate Realism Exhibition combines latest local data from climate research with custom-built AI pipelines to send famous landscape paintings from art history into their possible climate futures.


Scale Data Engine leverages your enterprise data, and with Scale GenAI Platform, safely unlocks the value of AI.

AI Existential Safety Map

A fun illustrated map charting AI Safety efforts across blogs, podcasts, training, support, governance, research, and so on.

Sourcebase Inquiry

Sourcebase Inquiry

United States of America (the) is an AI platform designed for journalists, researchers, and professionals who need to make sense of massive amounts of source material.

A Fourth Wave of Open Data? Exploring the Spectrum of Scenarios for Open Data and Generative AI

Our report, “A Fourth Wave of Open Data? Exploring the Spectrum of Scenarios for Open Data and Generative AI,” (May 2024) provides a new framework and recommendations to support open data providers and other interested parties in making open data “ready” for generative AI.

Public AI Google Group

People and organizations working on, contributing to, and advocating for public AI

Public AI Network

The Public AI Network is a coalition working to bring about public AI.

plinth (previously Time to Spare)

The only solution that combines an AI grant-writer, a case management system, a CRM, a booking platform and impact reporting — so you can get more funding, keep costs low, and keep all your information in one place.

AI Palace

AI Palace

Germany (Deutschland)

Join a small, curated group of researchers, builders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and artists for a 7-day unconference focused on the political economy of AI. We will build new infrastructure, business models, and institutions for AI.

Sample AI Integration and Experimentation Policy

By Code Hope Labs. The policy is intended to be used within cause-based organizations which wish to encourage the experimental use of ChatGPT or other LLMs within their organizations.

Use of AI tools in funding applications

The Research Funders Policy Group, of which Wellcome is a member, sets out expectations around the use of generative AI tools in funding applications.

Zencity Press Release Generator

This update allows you to create professional-grade press releases in a matter of minutes with minimal effort and editing.

Gen-AI for Local Governments

MetroLab’s In the Lab Initiative focused on GenAI for Local Governments, a task force

AI Intersections Database

This database by Mozilla Foundation maps intersections between the key social justice and human rights areas of our time and documented AI impacts and their manifestations in society.

Rest of World Elections AI Tracker

Throughout 2024, Rest of World is tracking the most noteworthy incidents of AI-generated election content globally.



Madrid (Spain)

The Center for the Governance of Change at IE University and Microsoft launched AI4Democracy, a global initiative that seeks to create knowledge and mobilize democratic governments, companies and civil society to promote action for a responsible use of artificial intelligence to defend and strengthen democracy.



Chicago, IL

A service of the Law Center for Better Housing (LCBH), here to help Illinois tenants facing housing issues

Street Activity Sensors

8-month pilot to test 12 computer-vision sensors across four boroughs of NYC to employ machine vision and improve street-level data collection and improve planning decisions




Maru is a chatbot that helps you tackle online harassment


CivicSearch is a search and discovery tool for everything that is said in local government meetings, texts, and laws. It covers 547 cities and towns in the US and Canada.

New York City

A tool that makes it easy to navigate and research government meetings. It uses LLMs to create granular chapters that readers can skim and share.

Humanitas AI

Humanitas AI

Palo Alto

We’re reimagining the supply chain of social care for the new era.

Climate Intelligence (CLINT)

The CLIMATE INTELLIGENCE – alias CLINT – project is a European-funded project whose main objective is to develop an Artificial Intelligence framework composed of Machine Learning techniques and algorithms to process big climate datasets for improving Climate Science...

Tangible AI

Tangible AI

San Diego, CA

We are on a mission to help the social sector organizations to scale their impact, increase their outreach and work smarter using artificial intelligence and chatbots, and smart automation.

Freedom of Expression, Artificial Intelligence & Elections MOOC

During our four-week MOOC, you will learn about and explore the fascinating and ever-evolving world of technology and democracy, in particular the impact of artificial intelligence on freedom of expression in elections.

Unboxed City

Unboxed City

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Art exhibition at MIT: critical explorations of ai and cities


Anthropic is an AI safety and research company that's working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems.

COA Beat Assistant

COA Beat Assistant

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Custom GPT tool to help journalists in the Philippines to parse long government audit reports for anomalies

AI Elections Initiative

Aspen Digital, a program of the Aspen Institute, is launching the AI Elections Initiative as an ambitious new effort to strengthen US election resilience in the face of generative AI.

AI Democracy Projects

The AI Democracy Projects engage the implications of AI systems and tools, including predictive algorithms, machine learning, and frontier models, for democratic society.



Melbourne VIC, Australia

Discover the modern engagement platform powered by natural language AI to help you gather feedback, manage your data and understand what is being said.


Legitimate provides journalists and publishers with the latest [AI] tools to enhance their work while helping audiences build trust and have context in the content they consume.


We help platforms transition to community-driven data management.

Oslo for AI

Oslo for AI aims to open up new possibilities for the governance of AI.


Self-assessment and other resources to help entrepreneurs incorporate AI ethical principles into their technological solutions of entrepreneurs from seed stages to those who export their technologies to other markets.

AI Accountability Network

Pulitzer Center: Working with journalists and newsrooms that represent the diversity of the communities affected by AI technologies, the Network seeks to address the knowledge imbalance on artificial intelligence that exists in the journalism industry and to create a multidisciplinary and collaborative ecosystem that enables journalists to report on this fast-evolving topic with skill, nuance, and impact.

City AI Connect

City AI Connect

Johns Hopkins University

A global community for cities to learn about generative AI together, faster.

Camden Talks Data: Machine learning

This video explains how Camden Council uses machine learning to improve council services.

MyCity Chatbot

MyCity Chatbot

New York City, NY, USA

NYC's Business Services Chatbot which "uses Microsoft's Azure AI services to provide information in response to questions you have about starting or operating your business" in ten+ languages

Global Observatory of Urban Artificial Intelligence

Its goal is to promote research and disseminate best practice in the ethical application of artificial intelligence in cities.



India (Bhārat)

An AI Assistant by Gooey.AI and Digital Green to make vetted farmer knowledge accessible.

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