Graphic representing The Participation Playbook

The Participation Playbook

The Participation Playbook is an interactive guide to help you successfully advocate for and implement a participatory program for your government or community. It is a tool for people who want to open up government to meaningful and equitable community participation.

  1. Learn about participation solutions. First, understand how participation solutions can help solve big policy challenges.

  2. Assess your needs. Next, answer a short questionnaire to get a recommended participation solution that meets your needs.

  3. Choose your program. Then, select a participatory program and answer a series of questions to design a plan that works for your situation.

  4. Get an action plan. Finally, after completing your playbook, you’ll have an action plan that enables you to run a successful program!

Status: N/A
Parent Organization: People Powered
Project(s): Climate Democracy Participatory Policymaking Legislative Theater
Last Modified: 10/9/2023
Added on: 12/13/2022

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