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Worldie – Social Media for Good
San Diego, CA

Worldie‘s mission is to create safety, equality, humanitarianism, positive social impact, and all-in-one integration to improve lives with technology, helpful social media systems, social projects, public safety, crowdsourced help, and a network of partners.


Social Media for Good

Worldie is connecting people worldwide with positive social impact and a helpful social media system.

We want people to be safe, positive, helped, equal, enlightened, have their lives improved, and to have a voice.

We want people to benefit from social projects and services, all-in-one integration, and to feel safe to express themselves with personality. We support positive social effects, safety, equality, improving quality of life, and preventing cyberabuse with our motivational, protective, and humanitarian systems, social impact, and worldwide partnerships.

Within all-in-one main communication channels, we want to improve and save lives with crowdsourced help, social projects, and a network of partners.

Enjoy life with a public safety, humanitarian, and services focused social media organization.

As a second generation of social media, we provide solutions with protective environments, social projects, credibility management, services, humanitarianism, egalitarianism, stakeholders, partnerships, and new foundations. We will be a distribution center which serves as more of a utility than ad-centric platforms by providing services, safety, equality, and social impact to increase people's living standards.

We can create social media, technology, and an internet that is safe, equal, and positive for a better world.

Join our International Network of Partners to improve lives with services, oversight, representation, equality, and safety for a better world.

Support Positive Social Impact, Technology, and Social Media for Good.

We're creating a structure which is a flipped pyramid of strong oversight, leaders, and services who respond to provide the best outcomes.

We welcome partnerships and advisers who will work with us to support social projects, make helpful decisions with oversight, provide services, and share resources for mutual positive benefit. Our goal is to set strong foundations for a safe and equal world to improve lives with innovation, social impact, technology, a positive internet, our international organization, and a network of partners.

We expand and support our partners worldwide.

We want Social Media for Good which acts as a main distribution channel and crowdsourced help where people benefit from a framework of nonprofits, services, causes, and social projects to help them. We want our frontend users to connect to suggested partners, backend services, and response.

We especially focus on public safety, humanitarianism, services, diplomacy, United Nations SDGs, and equality.

We want to provide services and social impact as an international organization with representation for livability, communications, safety, equality, data for good, and social issues.

If you want to be a partner, service, adviser, overseeing organization, researcher, ally, or supporter of Worldie, please fill out this form to apply.


For Integration with Nonprofits, Businesses, Journalists, Technology, Projects, and Features:
  • We can provide partnerships – as our partners and team grows, the opportunity for your network further increases as we find alliances on the same missions.

  • If you want to add content, features, or services to our modules as a nonprofit, business, academia, project, or individual, we can integrate and share resources by providing our platform to support yours. We want to work together.

  • There are needs for connecting nonprofits together with the frontline, hard news, nearly free business, services, music, activities, gaming, public safety, and to provide quality social projects.

  • Numerous data APIs exist, however, not for anti-harassment or nonprofits in general – which is where we come in to fill that need. Provide us opportunities for collaboration!

  • We can create alliances and mutual benefit by referring people to your nonprofit, business, or cause.

  • We want partners who want to create more equality in technology, public safety, humanitarianism, and in life.

  • Together we can provide solutions to today's social media, technology, social, safety, ethical and overall intertwining problems now and create sustainability for the future.

  • We can provide, support, and integrate services from numerous industries, with the central idea of creating technology and social media for good, and being mutually supportive.

  • We will work on business development with our team and network of partners to expand your social good causes to other countries worldwide.

Our goal is to improve lives with a network of partners and social projects. We value protection, equality, saving lives, expression, integration, humanitarianism, innovation, improving quality of life, prevention, proactivity, and causes.
We welcome collaboration as we build new foundations.

We help expansion of our international partners for public safety, humanitarianism, and equality by linking technology and networking.

Support a better future by joining our partners.

For Social Impact, Services, Oversight, Humanitarianism, Public Safety, Research, and Causes:
  • We look forward to helping society, providing a protective environment, benefiting creativity and communication, providing services, supporting causes, and cultivating integration. We care about the individual and want to positively influence.
  • Advising or partnering benefits you with resources, data for good, referrals, representation, our partnerships, alliances on the same missions, and shows the world with transparency about our initiatives.
  • We provide our partnerships, team, network, and platforms as our donation to support you and the public.

  • We can create backend portals for services, ethical oversight, or academic research, such as for the Help Network, for data for good, or to support our social projects if it will cause or encourage positive social impact.
  • For example, Box's portals for International Rescue Committee is an inspiration. Worldie would also provide our front-end platform, users, help requests/offers, and marked help. We want to provide services and support organizations to grow internationally for the social good.
  • We want to provide a framework of values, social projects, anti-cyberabuse, and pro-helping social interactions around a 2nd generation of social media.

Worldie Seeks Partners to Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Equality

Worldie Supports Safety, Equality, and the SDGs:

  • Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • Goal 10 – Reduce Inequalities
  • Goal 16 – Peaceful and Inclusive Societies
  • Goal 17 – Global Partnerships for the SDGs

We support female leadership in social media, stopping violence against women with technology, and providing a protective environment which supports Goal 5:

"Enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology, to promote the empowerment of women."

By joining our partners, you are showing that an international social media and technology organization supports your projects or causes. We can distribute and provide supportive resources. If we work together, we can create a better world, safety, equality, progress, and opportunities.

We will share opportunities for technology development, growth worldwide, and funding.

Join us on our mission to create technology and social media for good!

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