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The Data Playbook is a social learning toolkit to help team's improve their data skills. It was created for and by 100s of people across the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and some partners. There are 10 modules across the data lifecycle with 120 games, scenarios, checklists, slides, and exercises. The sessions are designed to be short and interactive to help foster discussion and shared understanding.

The Data Playbook started in September 2016 with the Beta launching in 2017 after successful pilots around the world. In 2022, we launched the Version 1 (V1). The playbook is available in both editable and pdf format.

Impact - We have heard from many organizations and individuals - development, humanitarian, civic tech, and governmental bodies. They simply edit and incorporate into their team's /community needs. The innovation lessons were incorporated into the IFRC Digital Transformation Strategy. We hosted our first ever Data and Digital week with 4000 registrants, this was the kickoff for the V1 project. Over the past 6 years, 1000s of people have participated in the beta and v1 workshops resulting a network-centric resource that is owned by the network and freely available for other data enthusiasts to help their teams.

The Data Playbook will be added to Github. How to help - tell us how you used it, share how others can use it or your remixed content, translate. (in progress)

Organization Type: Non-profit, charity, or foundation
Status: Active
Founded: 2016
Parent Organization: International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Open Source: cc-by-nc 4.0 international
Last Modified: 1/1/2024
Added on: 8/2/2022

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