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Do you want to learn how to use data to meet a challenge in your community? Are you interested in understanding more about concepts like power or citizen engagement? Check out these workshops and participate in the discussion.

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Public Engagement Strategy Lab

The Public Engagement Strategy Lab will provide you with the tools and resources you need to authentically engage stakeholders in thoughtful, democratic processes. Registration closes June 16th. Frontiers of Democracy registrants and students enjoy a discounted rate. **NOTE: Door payments must be paid by check only.**



United States of America

We’re transforming how we think about power, who holds it, and how we wield it in our communities — we’re looking at power in every context, and speaking truth to it.


Experimientos ciudadanos para el cambio social en la región

ProPublica Data Institute

ProPublica is proud to announce the 2017 Data Institute, a 11-day intensive workshop on how to use data, design and code for journalism. The workshop will be from June 7 to June 21 in our NYC offices.

Block By Block Minecraft participatory planning workshops

Did you know that you can use Minecraft for more than a simple fun? Learn about great Block by Block initiative for community participation in urban design.

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