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IP Observatory
Monash University, Wellington Rd, Clayton VIC, Australia

Internet insights for social good

The internet is the most important communication and information technology of our generation

Uninterrupted access to the Internet is not only a human right and is essential to ensure the free flow of information around the globe.

The mission of the IP Observatory is to monitor the availability and quality of the Internet during critical events such as elections, natural disasters or conflict.

The IP Observatory is a platform which, can remotely observe, in real time, the quality of the internet at any location on the globe and publishes the results of these observations in clear, accessible visualisations.

The results of our monitoring efforts will be made publicly available on our platform, almost, in real-time. It allows the public, journalists and other interested parties, worldwide to watch the Internet activity and quality and use our data and results for their own research and news stories.

Our approaches leverages similar methodologies to our existing research program that has yielded global insights on the adoption of the internet, sleeping patterns, economic outcomes and internet tampering.

Status: Active
Last Modified: 2023-10-23 00:00:00

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