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If people cannot easily connect to digital tools in an equitable manner, civic tech will fail to address existing power imbalances in society.

Suggested reading: Node by Node: Red Hook’s mesh network survived Hurricane Sandy. Today, it’s in limbo.

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National Digital Inclusion Alliance

National Digital Inclusion Alliance advances digital equity by supporting community programs and equipping policymakers to act.

North Korea Information Technology Incubator (NKITI)

Created by NetFreedom Pioneers, the NKITI is designed to lower the entry barriers for technical individuals and organizations seeking to develop new information access solutions for the DPRK, and to serve as a launchpad for a new wave of technology-driven and DPRK-focused organizations.

Portable Network Kits

The Portable Network Kit (PNK) is a wireless network in a suitcase that helps people understand how to build their own mini-internet – and with it, how the internet works and might be owned and governed more equitably.

Measurement Lab

Measure the Internet, save the data, and make it universally accessible and useful.

Индекс связности сети

Общество защиты интернета (ОЗИ) проводит мониторинг связности в Сети. Индекс связности обновляется ежедневно и чем он больше — тем лучше.

Moja WiFi

Moja WiFi is a turnkey Solution for monetizing public WiFi networks

Red Hook WiFi

Red Hook WiFi

Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Red Hook WiFi, a project of Red Hook Initiative (RHI), is a community-led effort to close the digital divide.

State of Digital Inequity

The report is based on a survey of 7,500+ civil society organizations (CSOs) from 136 countries who answered questions about the barriers that they, and the communities they serve, face when it comes to digital equity.

Connect Humanity

We work with communities to build the internet infrastructure and skills they need to participate fully in a digital society

Critical Infrastructure Lab

the critical infrastructure lab aims to create space to co-develop alternative infrastructural futures that center people and planet over profit and capital.

City of Seattle Digital Equity Grants

City of Seattle Digital Equity Grants

Seattle, WA, United States of America

2023 applications for digital equity grant opportunities from the City of Seattle are now open for organizations and community groups looking to help close the digital divide. This year, the City is offering $545,000 for qualifying projects with Technology Matching Fund (TMF) grants.

Colorado Broadband Hub

The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) leads the statewide effort to expand broadband coverage and quality for all Coloradans and coordinates all broadband efforts for Colorado.

SpaceX Starshield

Starshield leverages SpaceX's Starlink technology and launch capability to support national security efforts. While Starlink is designed for consumer and commercial use, Starshield is designed for government use, with an initial focus on three areas:

BLVD Harambee EII

The Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) is a collaboration between the Detroit Community Technology Project and a network of community organizations including BLVD Harambee.

The Markup's ISP investigation data

Open data from an investigation of disparate outcomes in internet deals across 38 major cities in the United States.

City of Boston Digital Equity Assessment

City of Boston Digital Equity Assessment

1 City Hall Square, Boston, MA, United States

This study documents the rise of competitive broadband service in Boston; describes steadily increasing City efforts to close gaps in broadband affordability, devices, and skills; characterizes the remaining gaps in these areas as defined by stakeholders and available data; and makes near-term policy recommendations to address these gaps in light of current federal funding opportunities


Blockchain-based connectivity network for decentralized wireless infrastructure

Community Tech NY

Community Tech NY

New York City, NY, USA

Community-owned internet infrastructure

FCC Affordable Connectivity Program

FCC Affordable Connectivity Program

United States of America (the)

The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC benefit program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more.

Measurement Lab Research Fellows 2022

Measurement Lab is seeking three Research Fellows to expand Internet performance research beyond the measurement and optimization for bandwidth. Fellows will utilize M-Lab’s longitudinal, open dataset and/or platform to identify under-recognized Internet performance metrics that can be used to improve end user performance.

NYC Mesh

NYC Mesh

New York City

A mesh network for NYC

Netfreedom Pioneers

We are a technology nonprofit developing innovative anti-censorship tools and sending life-changing information anywhere the Internet doesn’t reach.

Michigan Moonshot

Michigan Moonshot

Michigan, USA

The Michigan Moonshot aims to leverage public and private partnerships to connect everyone in rural Michigan, regardless of geography.



iHub Nairobi

Access the internet simply and reliably where you are. BRCK is a rugged, self powered, cloud enabled wifi hotspot router with built in fail-overs.

Digital Stewards Detroit

Digital Stewards Detroit

4126 3rd Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201, USA

This training prepares teams of community organizers, people with construction skills, and techies to design and deploy communications infrastructure with a commitment to the Detroit Digital Justice Principles.

The Cost of Shutdown Tool (COST)

a data-driven online tool that to allows us to quickly and easily estimate the economic cost of Internet disruptions

Open Tech Fund

Open Tech Fund

2025 M Street Northwest, Downtown, Washington, DC 20036, USA

SUPPORTING INTERNET FREEDOM WORLDWIDE Without Fear of Repressive Censorship or Surveillance.

The Internet Master Plan NYC

The Internet Master Plan is a new vision for broadband infrastructure and service in New York City.

Brightest COVID-19 Relief

Brightest COVID-19 Relief

Brightest, Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Connecting coronavirus relief and aid orgs with support

IP Observatory

IP Observatory

Monash University, Wellington Rd, Clayton VIC, Australia

Internet insights for social good

San José Digital Inclusion Fund

San José Digital Inclusion Fund

San Jose, California, USA

San José’s ambitious goal is to bring broadband connectivity and digital skills to 50,000 households over the course of the next decade - and this initiative explicitly earmarks funding to achieve this goal.

Calyx Institute

Calyx Institute

Brooklyn, NY

Our mission is to educate the public about privacy in digital communications and to develop tools that anyone can use. By embracing "privacy by design," we help make digital security and privacy more accessible to everyone.

Internet Universality Indicators (ROAM-X)

Internet Universality Indicators (ROAM-X)

UNESCO, Place de Fontenoy, Paris, France

A map of the Internet measuring its compliance with human Rights (R), evaluating its Openness (O) and Accessibility (A), and assessing the involvement of Multistakeholder actors (M) in its governance



10 Hudson Yards, 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10001, USA

Connecting brands and consumers

Outline VPN offered in Zimbabwe

CITE in Zimbabwe and Code for Africa have partnered to make Outline from Jigsaw available to news organisations and CSOs. It means VPN can be rolled out on their own servers to connect to the internet and keep communication private and safe.

New America Resilient Mesh Wireless initiative

The Resilient Mesh Wireless project is a series of local networks serving small businesses combined with community-based trainings in Sandy-affected areas.

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