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Civic maps collect and display data geographically to coordinate action, plot resources, or make an argument for change. This is our gallery of specific civic maps.

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Flood Light

Ushahidi instance crowdsourcing the flood-related data from the 2022 Floods in Pakistan.


InfoNile is a cross-border group of geojournalists with a mission to uncover critical stories on water issues in the Nile River Basin through data-based multimedia storytelling.

The New Deal Map

We've mapped more than 17,000 New Deal sites and now have more than 100 sites documented in every state.


An interactive map to show the billions worth of properties that went from state-owned to privately owned in recent years, together with K Monitor

Draw Congress

By the Stanford Public Interest Redistricting Project. The student plans uploaded here are guided by one or more clearly-identified redistricting principles, and attempt to comply with all applicable state and federal legal requirements.

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