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Tools and platforms that visually present information and facilitate understanding of it, such as dashboards. See The Data Viz Catalog for a catalog of types of data visualizations.

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Better Data Visualizations. Over 500 examples and strategies for effective visual communication.

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Interactive Media Bias Chart

A chart of thousands of media sources based on source reliability and surveys of perceived political biases


ImpactBoard is a data management solution (and dashboard) that provides programmes with intelligence to achieve impact.

The Demography Project TikTok

IDADI is our flagship data journalism project, in collaboration with The Infographics Studio, to disseminate, visualize and democratize official data on TikTok to allow Kenyans participate in decision making and enhance government accountability.


WeVis is a civic technology aiming to empower people to reclaim an active role in political life through technology and open data. We curate, analyze and visualize any relevant data to make democracy more open and more transparent, encouraging people to express their opinions and make better decisions.

Punch Up


NYC Open Data Project Gallery

On the Open Data Project Gallery, you can find examples of open data in action and gain inspiration for projects of your own. See how NYC Open Data is used by activists to advocate for change, by entrepreneurs to develop products, by teachers to build analytics skills in the classroom, by government agencies to make data more accessible, and much more.

TaxClock Kenya

TaxClock shows how public budget data can be used to help citizens better understand how governments spend our taxmoney.


PesaYetu helps journalists, researchers and activists transform their work with in-depth county-specific information.

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