Graphic representing Meta's Community Forum on Generative AI

Meta's Community Forum on Generative AI
Facebook, Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Meta's "Community Forums bring people together to discuss tough issues, consider hard choices and share recommendations for improving people’s experiences across our apps" using Stanford's deliberative polling method

The model is based on deliberative polling, an approach that has been used by governments around the world, in which representative groups have the opportunity to learn about complex issues before sharing their perspectives. This differs substantially from more typical user experience surveys, where people are polled for their impressions but don’t necessarily have familiarity with the subject matter.

Organization Type: For-profit business, social enterprise, or B Corp
Status: Active
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Founded: 2023
Parent Organization: Meta (previously Facebook)
Last Modified: 6/5/2024
Added on: 6/5/2024

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