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Ad Observer

Political campaigns spend a lot of money to reach voters on Facebook. Are they telling the truth? Are they saying different things to different people? Help hold them accountable by installing our browser plugin, which sends us the ads you see on Facebook.

Widely Viewed Content Dashboard

In the "Widely Viewed Content Report", Facebook provides the 20 individual links and 20 individual posts that were seen by the highest number of people, in the US, for the quarter. In this dashboard, we are tracking objective properties of these 20 posts, links, and the producers behind them, as well as the extent to which it is possible for Facebook users to assess the content from a media literacy perspective.

Ad Observatory

Facing legal action by Facebook https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-seeks-shutdown-of-nyu-research-project-into-political-ad-targeting-11603488533

AR Developer Challenge Communities

The AR Developer Challenge is a series of community-driven competition events focused on solving problems in areas such as healthcare, education, workforce development, and more. Developers for the AR Challenge events will use technologies like Facebook’s Spark AR platform and other AR solutions to compete for prizes and community recognition. Organized by US Ignite and Facebook Reality Labs

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