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Tools and platforms that aid group decision making through deliberate design decisions to improve the likelihood of desired outcomes, such as consensus.

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Doing Better Work Together

Doing Better Work Together is an online learning and collaboration event for organisational innovators.

Zencity Engage (formerly Civil Space)

Bring a healthy new energy to your city’s conversations, and build trust with your community along the way.


Online collaboration, discussion & consensus. For institutions, organisations & groups.


Free and easy Mobile Voting tool for ANY speaker or teacher.


Appgree is the only technology that can sift through the hundreds or thousands of opinions a group might have and find common ground among such a vast array of data. What’s more, it does all this in a matter of minutes.

Donnez votre avis sur des sujets de société qui vous tiennent à coeur en participant à nos consultations citoyennes. Ensemble, citoyens, associations et entreprises, définissons nos priorités et réalisons des changements concrets.

Parti Town Hall

The ultimate real-time discussion platform for all-inclusive events and meetings

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