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Projects that seek to improve and democratize societal governance over AI technologies in order to protect people and democratic values.

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Oslo for AI

Oslo for AI aims to open up new possibilities for the governance of AI.

U.S. Public Assembly on High Risk Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI Assembly is the first national deliberative event on AI in the United States and represents a significant step toward understanding public sentiment on AI-related issues and shaping the conversation around the role of AI systems in society, with a focus on transparency, accountability, and responsible use.  

Constitutional AI

As AI systems become more capable, we would like to enlist their help to supervise other AIs.

Recursive Public

Recursive Public is an experiment in identifying areas of consensus and disagreement among the international Artificial Intelligence (AI) community, policymakers, and the general public on key questions of governance.

Democratic Inputs to AI

Our nonprofit organization, OpenAI, Inc., is launching a program to award ten $100,000 grants to fund experiments in setting up a democratic process for deciding what rules AI systems should follow, within the bounds defined by the law.

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