Our platform provides unprecedented situational awareness and actionable insights for decision-makers.

One Concern's product allows you to:

  • Predict and react to the impacts of natural disasters
  • Run realistic training scenarios and build collaborative plans to better prepare for emergencies
  • Conduct multi-hazard analysis of its critical intrastructure and deeply understand cascading impacts
  • Recover faster after an event by seeing the complex interdependencies of your ecosystem – like healthcare, power, food, shelter, and more – at a hyperlocal level

In Civicist First Post:

Here's yet another cautionary tale about a Silicon Valley startup with millions in VC funding and founders from Stanford that thought it could use big data to improve how cities plan for emergency disaster response, as reported by Sheri Fink for the New York Times. The start-up, One Concern, markets its products as lifesaving tools for emergency responders, but Fink reports "interviews and documents show the company has often exaggerated its tools' abilities and has kept outside experts from reviewing its methodology. In addition, some product features are available elsewhere at no charge, and data-hungry insurance companies — whose interests can diverge from those of emergency workers — are among One Concern's biggest investors and customers."

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One Concern currently monitors 12,076,661 residential and 651,917 commercial buildings. We monitor earthquakes for 36,000,000 people (Source, 2019-7 )

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