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ShakeNet and Raspberry Shakes

Online community tracking earthquakes with Raspberry Shakes: Professional grade seismograph and infrasound monitors that anyone can use to record and visualize both natural and human activity.

HOT's Approach to OSM Data Validation for Earthquake Response Mapping

Because OpenStreetMap is a crowd-sourcing project where everyone can freely contribute to the map, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team has devised measures to support high-quality crowd-sourced OSM data.


An Earthquake Early Warning System for the West Coast of the United States

Cascadia 9 Game

In Cascadia 9.0, you play as several different characters to learn how to survive and thrive in this earth-shaking catastrophe!

One Concern

One Concern

Menlo Park, California, United States

Our platform provides unprecedented situational awareness and actionable insights for decision-makers.

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