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The Movement Cooperative
Greeley Square Station 4 East 27th Street New York, NY 10001-9998

By leveraging the collective bargaining power of our members, The Movement Cooperative provides best-in-class data and technology resources that match the needs of progressive organizations at the cheapest possible price point.

"a collective nonprofit governed by more than 50 national progressive political organizations. Those organizations, in turn, have more than 500 local chapters who do work across the U.S. They focus on issues ranging from criminal justice reform to ballot access, and The Movement Cooperative exists to equip these progressive groups with shared technical power. Our members can make use of each other's successful projects, learn from each other, and spend more time on the ground pushing for a better world rather than spending resources duplicating each other's tech work. The opportunity to work directly for these advocacy organizations, and to create tools that will contribute to the progressive tech ecosystem more broadly, is one that I relish."

"Membership with TMC connects the progressive movement access to voter data, software and data licenses, data and technology strategy support, as well as a robust community of peer learning from more than 70 movement-building member organizations and 600+ affiliated state and local organizations."

Status: Active
Founded: 2018
Project(s): Parsons
Last Modified: 6/27/2023
Added on: 6/22/2021

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