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Your Priorities applies AI
Reykjavík, Iceland

Empowering citizens democratically with Artificial Intelligence

Citizens' Foundation has been developing tools for democratic participation and citizens empowerment built with artificial intelligence.

AI can assist in fighting the filter bubbles and biases to help citizens make informed decisions based on their real needs, empowering them with relevant knowledge

AI notifications can lower the barriers for participation by notifying citizens on relevant issues, assisting citizens to serve their democratic interests online by notifying them about participation opportunities.

Civic AI is informative, not intrusive, giving users recommendations based on what they have liked or disliked before, in a similar way that Facebook creates your feed. We use AI to analyse ideas and find news stories that are relevant to them.

○ Machine Translations
○ Recommendations & Notifications
○ Speech-to-Text
○ Content Toxicity Detection
○ NLP Analytics

Status: Active
Parent Organization: Your Priorities
Last Modified: 6/20/2024
Added on: 6/22/2021

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