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Place Speak
New City Ventures, Attn: PlaceSpeak, 1005 Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC, V6J 3K5, CANADA

PlaceSpeak is a location-based citizen engagement platform that authenticates the online public participation process through digital credentials and privacy-by-design to build trust.

PlaceSpeak began in 2011 as a research project supported by the National Research Council of Canada IRAP. Subsequently, it became the subject of the Founder's PhD thesis in Applied Innovation at the University of British Columbia. Initially, it was developed to solve the problem of how to consult with people online geospatially. It uniquely combines online proof of residency and Privacy-by-design in its data architecture, enabling evidence-based decision-making. Its initial use was at the local government level, where land-use change involved citizen engagement. Once participants were authenticated, it enabled a citizen-centric model, where users could be notified of an participate in future consultations. This led to the development of a Civic Network approach. Its impact has been in building trust in the online engagement process, and as a deterrent to trolls, bots and other forms of online manipulation. In 2021, PlaceSpeak was certified as a BCorp and in 2022 was recognized in the top 5% Globally in the Governance category in recognition of its mission to 'make democracy real online'.

Organization Type: For-profit business, social enterprise, or B Corp
Status: Active
Claimed Status: Claimed
Founded: 2011
Open Source: Yes
Features: Surveys
Last Modified: 2024-01-01 00:00:00

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