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Online discussion platforms built to foster civic conversation and debate.


ePart è la soluzione web per la gestione partecipativa dei cittadini alla gestione degli ambienti urbani. Consente ai cittadini di interagire con l'amministrazione pubblica segnalando disagi e disservizi presenti sul territorio


Assembl is a platform that uses collective intelligence methods to enable conversations and recreate the conditions of a debate based on rich content and free expression.

Tool for creating small online group discussions around an issue, originally created for political campaigning in the US

California Report Card

The California Report Card was developed by the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative at UC Berkeley in collaboration with the Office of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. The California Report Card explores how smartphones and networks can enhance communication between the public and government leaders.


Una plataforma de participación ciudadana digital que permite visibilizar y priorizar propuestas ciudadanas a nivel nacional

A web forum that elevates your community's opinions. Civil and organized discussion even when hundreds of stakeholders participate.

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