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Civic & social good hackathons facilitate people working together for a cause or a change. Developers, volunteers, entrepreneurs or tech enthusiasts are challenged to identify solutions while connecting with others and contributing to civic innovation.

Islamabad hackathons

Using and creating technology to spark civic engagement, promote responsive government, and foster public-private collaboration for social change.

Code for Philly Launchpad

Our Launchpad is a month-long, hackathon-inspired event that facilitates citizen volunteers working together on civic-focused, open source projects.

VHacks at the Vatican

VHacks is a hackathon taking place at the Vatican City in Rome on the weekend of March 8-11, 2018. Students from all nationalities and faith-backgrounds are invited for 36 hours of ideation and innovation to address problems in areas of social inclusion, interfaith dialogue, and migrants & refugees. These 120 students will work in teams…

European Hub for Civic Engagement

The European Hub for Civic Engagement is envisioned as a platform where European civil society and its civic tech community connect.

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