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LaborTech Book & Graduate Student Paper Awards

We aim to reframe the conversation about technology and labor towards issues of power, inequality, and social justice, and incorporate themes of feminism, anti-racism, and transnationalism. 

Brown Information Futures Lab

Our lab is where technology, innovation, policy and community meet, one pilot at a time.

Global Disinformation Lab at UT Austin

The Global DisInformation Lab (GDIL) was established in 2020 at the University of Texas at Austin to encourage collaborative interdisciplinary academic research on the global circulation of misinformation, and disinformation.

Stanford Impact Labs

Center at Stanford University connecting and accelerating work on social problems

GovLab (The Governance Lab)

GovLab aims to strengthen the ability of institutions, including but not limited to governments, and people to work more openly, collaboratively, effectively, and legitimately to make better decisions and solve public problems. GovLab believes that increased availability and use of data, new ways to leverage the capacity, intelligence, and expertise of people in the problem-solving process, combined with new advances in technology and science can transform governance.

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