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A collection of resources, methods, tools, and materials to facilitate participatory co-design practices and to help projects find the direction they need. Co-creation and open design techniques allow others to make creative contributions in the solution of a specific problem.

NYCx Co-Lab Challenges

The City of New York partners with neighborhood organizations and leaders to collaborate on potential solutions to local concerns.

Center for New Democratic Processes (formerly Jefferson Center)

The Jefferson Center is a nonpartisan organization committed to advancing democratic, citizen-driven solutions to community and public issues.


LABIC are a series of labs aimed at fostering civic innovation in Ibero-America, in order to boost social transformation, democratic governance, and social, cultural and economic development.

Build With

Build With is a training, facilitation, and consulting practice led by Laurenellen McCann.

Design With

Design With is a free, self-scheduled guide to collaborative design for social change.

MIT Civic Media: Co-Design Studio

The Civic Media Codesign Studio was a service-learning, project-based studio course where students partner with community-based organizations to create civic media projects grounded in real-world needs.

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