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In the Civic Tech Field Guide, we focus on examples of govtech that seek to improve society to make it more just and democratic, not just more digital or efficient. We recognize that this is a subjective, values-based perspective of govtech. There is a much larger government IT industry, and we do not aspire to catalog and curate every instance of governmental technology.

Argentina's Estándares de Servicios Digitales

Formas de trabajar de la Dirección Nacional de Servicios Digitales de la República Argentina.

Help your community recover from disasters. A free, easy-to-use website for organizing disaster relief.


Hukoomi is an e-governance application which provides access to a broad range of information, including legal information for business, and information about visa and immigration procesess.

The Gov We Need

The Government We Need is a podcast exploring the government of the future and how it can best serve everyone.


Microsoft and the Clooney Foundation for Justice have teamed up to create TrialWatch, an app designed to help human rights advocates more easily monitor legal proceedings around the world.


Workflow automation for local governments

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