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Reading lists are compilations of suggested or required readings, such as articles and essays, that help the reader get up to speed with a given topic

Civic Tech Book Club

Civic Tech Book Club is a virtual book club that meets sporadically to discuss readings related to civics and technology. The group was created in 2015 by Forest Gregg, Rebecca Ackerman, and Rebecca Williams (members of the “civic tech” community) who lived far apart from each other and wanted a space to discuss readings. Since the pandemic, the virtual group has taken on a new life and meets more frequently. The membership generally skews a bit more “civics” in background than “technology” and expands via word of mouth but all are welcome. Texts for discussion are organized through the listserv with members joining virtually and informally at their convenience. Meetings are usually 3-6 people. This website keeps an archive of readings for the group’s organization and in case it is helpful to others.

Truthiness Collaborative

To advance research and engagement around the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and other challenges to discourse fueled by our evolving media and technology ecosystem

Civic tech and govtech reading list

The list contains relevant articles for anyone interested in understanding the space of technological solutions to societal, governmental, and society-government interface problems.

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