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Nonprofit newsrooms are a response to the news industry's financial difficulties transitioning to the digital economy. Foundations and other civic-minded investors fund investigative and socially important journalism that democracies depend on, but that can no longer be cross-subsidized by control of advertising channels like classified ads. (Entries coming soon - help us populate this section by submitting a project). For further reading, check out Media Impact Funders' report, Community Foundations & Media.

Arena Housing Project

Open collaborative network for journalists and other researches, experts and engaged people working on housing across Europe

Outriders is a website delivering a range of international journalism.

El Tímpano

El Tímpano—Spanish for “eardrum”—informs, engages, and amplifies the voices of Oakland’s Latinx and Mayan immigrants. Through innovative approaches to local journalism and civic engagement, El Tímpano surfaces community members’ stories, questions, and concerns on local and national issues, and provides news and information relevant to their needs. El Tímpano’s methods of civic engagement include a community microphone that travels the streets, libraries, churches, and laundromats of East Oakland and an SMS-based reporting platform to provide timely information and facilitate conversation. Through these and other innovative, community-driven approaches that leverage the tools, experiences, and assets of Oakland’s Spanish-speaking immigrants, El Tímpano seeks to foster civic engagement and political empowerment while building more inclusive local media.

NewsMatch 2020

NewsMatch is the largest grassroots campaign to support nonprofit news in the U.S. Since 2016, the campaign has helped raise over $100 million to jumpstart emerging newsrooms and support independent media outlets that produce fact-based, nonpartisan news and information.

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