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Surveys are used to gather input, measure public opinion, and establish baseline understanding of demographics and other information about residents.

Suggested reading: How to find the right Survey Tool: Problems and Proposals, by Sami Nenno.


Qriously has reimagined polling through the use of programmatic survey methodology and has achieved far more representative and accurate samples than traditional polling.


We help government teams gather & analyze inclusive data to achieve equitable outcomes. Get actionable insights faster with our cloud-based solution.

Listening Post Collective

The Listening Post Collective provides journalists, newsroom leaders, and non-profits tools and advice to create meaningful conversations with their communities.

Black Census Project

Launched by Black Futures Lab in early 2018, the Black Census Project is the largest survey of Black people conducted in the United States since Reconstruction.


YouGov is a global public opinion and data company. Explore what the world thinks, discover our solutions, and join our community to share your opinion.


VividMaps allowed you to engage your community by mapping local assets, special places, or respond to place-based surveys. Build a collaborative map that anyone can easily access with their smartphones on-the-go, or online from home or work.


Predictwise is a powerful data, analytics, research, and survey platform that can generate customized, granularized insights on any voter in any district in the country.

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