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Surveys are used to gather input, measure public opinion, and establish baseline understanding of demographics and other information about residents.

Suggested reading: How to find the right Survey Tool: Problems and Proposals, by Sami Nenno.

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Purpoz, la plateforme de démocratie participative pour bâtir une société plus pertinente. (Citizen engagement platform by Cap Collectif)

Avalanche Insights

Avalanche provides transformative insight into what people care about and why. We deliver the depth of a focus group at the scale of polling.


A single civic action each day ensures that a voter will never miss an election and feel empowered showing up to the polls.


We help government teams gather & analyze inclusive data to achieve equitable outcomes. Get actionable insights faster with our cloud-based solution.

Participace 21

Czech participatory engagement platform for towns, villages, schools, and non-profits (and NYC's participatory budgeting)


Platform to help local government interact with residents, including social-media-based consultation processes

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