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Physical technology, such as consumer electronics, built for civic tech

ICT4D Guide

This ICT4D Guide is a free and open guide to help anyone who wants to make a positive social impact with technology's help.


Center for Information and Communication Technology for Development ICT for Empowerment and Development​

Plume air quality device

Air quality monitor Flow tracks pollutants PM10, PM2.5, NO2 and VOCs. Accurate sensors measure pollution in real time. Flow helps parents, cyclists, runners, commuters or people with asthma avoid pollution and breathe clean air.

Open Source Ventilators Subreddit

A community dedicated to researching locally-sourced, easy-to-manufacture designs for PEEP valves, BVMs, automated BVM pumps, and full ventilators.


A hardware table that lets people gather around it for collective decision-making processes

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