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Journalism, storytelling, and other forms of interactive media are critical to civic engagement in democracies. Here we track those media and journalism tech projects that directly relate to citizens working to shift power in society.

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Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows

The Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program hosts democracy activists, scholars, and journalists for five-month fellowships, bringing fresh insights and perspectives to Washington, DC.


El Chequeador es una plataforma educativa diseñada por el equipo de Chequeado para el desarrollo de cursos virtuales sobre Alfabetización Mediática e Informacional, desinformación, fact checking y otros temas relacionados.

Chequeo Colectivo

Es una plataforma abierta para verificar contenidos a pedido de la comunidad.


Logically works to tackle the individual, institutional, and societal harms caused by misleading and deceptive online discourse.


WikiRumours is a web-based database which enables geographically distributed teams to collaborate asynchronously on monitoring, verifying, and countering the spread of harmful rumours and misinformation.

Interactive Media Bias Chart

A chart of thousands of media sources based on source reliability and surveys of perceived political biases

Ellinika Hoaxes

Τα «» είναι ο μοναδικός ελληνικός ιστότοπος κατά της παραπληροφόρησης και η μοναδική συντονισμένη προσπάθεια κατάρριψης αναληθών δημοσιευμάτων στο ελληνικό διαδίκτυο. Εργαλεία μας, η έρευνα, η συλλογή στοιχείων και πληροφοριών από αξιόπιστες πηγές και σωστή αξιολόγηση τους.

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