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Vote Force

Relational organizing app to build support for your campaign through friends and family


A referral marketing tool for political campaigns that works atop Whatsapp

Team app

With Team, users join an online community of supporters and speak directly with their friends about the causes and candidates they care about.

Impactive (formerly OutVote)

Outvote is a friend-to-friend texting app for political campaigns. We allow you to digitally volunteer for campaigns by reaching out to your friends with


Cutting edge software & mobile apps to help you manage any type of campaign. Turn Voters into Votes.

BERN app

BERN was mostly used for “relational organizing”, which is a tactic of asking supporters to reach out to their friends to persuade them to vote and volunteer.

Open Field

OpenField is a canvassing application for more complex conversations that can push richer qualitative context back into a central repository of voter-insights.

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