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Official Polish government website connecting those who need help with those who can provide it

Designers United for Ukraine

We are a collective that helps designers impacted by the conflict in Ukraine reach safety and find new work opportunities.


The IHELPYOU.app during conflicts aims to connect people who want to help each other in hard times. The assistance offered includes, among others providing shelter, transport or purchase of food.

We Help Ukraine

WeHelpUkraine.org is a platform to help Ukrainian refugees find living support Worldwide.

Perugia Declaration for Ukraine

The International Journalism Festival and members and partners of the Global Forum for Media Development call for increased support of independent media and journalists in Ukraine.

bellingcat's Ukraine coverage

Investigating disinformation campaigns by Russia during its invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine Evac Support

Civic Tech Toronto project to support grassroots efforts to evacuate African nationals and people of color from Ukraine

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