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Platforms that allow a variety of people to contribute data to a common collection. See also: Participatory Sensing, "an approach to data collection and interpretation in which individuals, acting alone or in groups, use their personal mobile devices and web services to systematically explore interesting aspects of their worlds ranging from health to culture." - IDS UCLA


The Apollo DemTool is a powerful system for compiling, managing, and analyzing citizen reports from an election monitoring mission.


Microsoft and the Clooney Foundation for Justice have teamed up to create TrialWatch, an app designed to help human rights advocates more easily monitor legal proceedings around the world.


Data about every national legislature in the world, freely available for you to use.

Data Software For Social Good

To broaden the community that has grown around the project, we are retiring the use of the “Open Data Kit” brand and forming a new umbrella organization, Data Software For Social Good (DSFSG). DSFSG aims to enable collaboration within the data software for social good ecosystem and welcome a diverse and independent set of member projects.

Ride Report

From bikes to scooters and everything in between, dockless mobility offers cities a range of new options and challenges. Ride Report is your comprehensive toolset to manage emerging mobility services.

Apple Maps COVID-19 Testing Locations

As a healthcare provider, lab, or other business, follow these steps to submit information on COVID-19 testing locations that Apple may display to its users.

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap

HOT is an international team dedicated to humanitarian action and community development through open mapping.

Michigan Moonshot

The Michigan Moonshot aims to leverage public and private partnerships to connect everyone in rural Michigan, regardless of geography.

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