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Platforms that allow a variety of people to contribute data to a common collection. See also: Participatory Sensing, "an approach to data collection and interpretation in which individuals, acting alone or in groups, use their personal mobile devices and web services to systematically explore interesting aspects of their worlds ranging from health to culture." - IDS UCLA

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Chequeo Colectivo

Es una plataforma abierta para verificar contenidos a pedido de la comunidad.

Flood Light

Ushahidi instance crowdsourcing the flood-related data from the 2022 Floods in Pakistan.

Ad Observer

Political campaigns spend a lot of money to reach voters on Facebook. Are they telling the truth? Are they saying different things to different people? Help hold them accountable by installing our browser plugin, which sends us the ads you see on Facebook.


Für mehr Transparenz und neue Möglichkeitsräume in der Stadt

Counting Us mobile app

The Counting Us mobile app was developed by Simtech Solutions to automate the collection of data for the annual homeless census.

Missing Them

The City's crowdsourced, data-driven obituaries for New Yorkers who have died from COVID-19

Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map

The Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map is a crowdsourced effort to map, document and verify information in order to provide reliable information for policymakers and journalists of the on-the-ground and online situation in and around Ukraine.


Crowdsourced mapping of cultural locations in Sweden

En 2015, Transparencia Mexicana (TM) y el Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad (IMCO) lanzaron la plataforma independiente #3de3 para promover y recibir las declaraciones de situación patrimonial, de intereses y fiscal de quienes competían por un cargo de elección popular.

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