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Solutions journalism is focused on highlighting solutions to the world's problems, rather than just reporting on them.

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Grist Cities + Solutions

Chronicles surprising and inspiring climate initiatives in communities across the U.S. through stories of cities leading the way

Let's Talk Vaccines

A free course to help journalists translate the language of vaccine science and the promise of vaccine access into compelling human stories.

Fundación Gabo de Periodismo

Fomentar ciudadanos activos y mejor informados mediante la formación y estímulo a los periodistas, y la promoción del uso ético y creativo del poder de contar y compartir historias, inspirados en el legado de Gabriel García Márquez y su método de taller.


Stories that connect us and sometimes even change the world.

Solutions Journalism Network

Solutions Journalism Network: We train and connect journalists to cover what’s missing in today’s news: how people are responding to problems.

News for the global citizen covering stories from business, environment, politics, art, design, culture, technology, education, urban issues and the latest news

Arena Housing Project

Open collaborative network for journalists and other researches, experts and engaged people working on housing across Europe

City Bureau

City Bureau is a nonprofit civic journalism lab based on the South Side of Chicago. We bring journalists and communities together in a collaborative spirit to produce media that is impactful, equitable and responsive to the public.

Speakable / Action Button

Action Button lets you instantly #TakeAction on news that matters. Don’t just read the headlines, change them.

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