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"Process, decipher, understand, and generate human language" (including sentiment analysis)

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Dark Data Project

Helping organizations uncover, deobfuscate, semantify and analyze problematic datasets


SunTec.AI is an experienced data annotation company that offers premium data annotation services across diverse industry verticals. We create customized business-specific solutions for advanced domains, like AI & ML, robotics, healthcare, and technology.

Council Data Project

Transparency and accessibility in council action; videos, transcripts, voting records, and legislation -- all searchable under a single website.


Assembl methodology is based on two key elements: establishing different phases to facilitate dialogue and continuously structuring information using digital tools.

Citizen participation and machine learning for a better democracy

An experiment that tested whether using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques could help to connect similar proposals and like-minded users on the Consul digital democracy platform.


Empowering everyone with a better understanding of content.

Block Party

We make local policy information accessible and byte-sized, with a weekly email of your community board’s most recent meeting highlights and transcript data.


Help train an AI that encourages women to use more assertive language in their bios and professional descriptions.

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