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Social networks for politics, advocacy, campaigns, or other explicitly civic user bases or use cases.

Red Blue Voice

Red Blue Voice was a social network providing users with tools to broadcast their social and political messages.


Laudelina is a mobile application, aimed to empower domestic workers. It has an accessible guide to labour rights, abenefits calculator, a list of protection agencies, and an option to create a social network with fellow domestic workers.


Zuela is a civic engagement, social networking platform aimed at promoting good governance. We are committed to creating a good community that is free from major issues affecting our society today.

News With Friends A social network for news News With Friends is a social news app showing the most important stories right now, comparing views from a selection of quality news publishers representing a range of political perspectives. Reading alone is boring, so the app shows what our friends are reading and lets us suggest stories for them to read, too. News With Friends brings people together and builds a common understanding of what’s important in the world.


the world's first social networking platform for the labor movement with 30,000 Union Profiles


This was an online platform that community groups can use to develop online hubs for civic engagement, online organizing and information-sharing.

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