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Projects employing speculative, forward-looking perspectives to envision what the future could look like, often to move us toward closer to an ideal state or to warn us away from a dystopia.

Radical visions of future government

17 visions of the future of government. Features essays, provocations, thought experiments, fiction, speculative design and original art, with each one asking the reader to consider the implications of an idea about something fundamentally different in the future.

Visions of Government in 2040: The Future of Civic Engagement

In the IBM Center’s new book, Government For The Future: Reflection and Vision for Tomorrow’ Leaders, Part Two of the book looks twenty years ahead – to 2040 -- offering perspectives on the future.

People's Press

People’s Press is a fictional community magazine exploring the use of digital social innovation in the year 2030

DSI Futures

We believe that with a better understanding of what future social and environmental challenges and opportunities might look like, and of how digital technologies might evolve in the near future, we stand a better chance of achieving our more positive vision for the future.

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