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Technology to improve judicial systems, including ameliorating injustices within the criminal justice system itself

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A coalition working against ShotSpotter's "harmful impacts on the Black, brown, and poor people that the company surveils."

Judicial Innovation Fellowship Program

The Justice Innovation Fellowship program places technologists and designers in state, local, and tribal courts to improve the public’s access to justice.

Callisto Vault

A suite of tools designed to help survivors navigate barriers and define their own pathways toward healing and justice. Within Callisto Vault, survivors can access two tools: the Matching System and Encrypted Record Form.

A2J Author

A2J Author aims to improve access to justice for people who represent themselves. The service hosts simplified legal information and resources created by legal professionals.

Legal Robot

Legal tech startup using Artificial Intelligence to make Legal Documents less painful & improve Access to Justice.

Project Callisto

Project Callisto helps survivors of sexual assualt and harrasment on college campuses document sexual assault, seek counseling, and start an investigation.

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