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Funders offer both regular and one-off prizes to recognize and fund civic tech and its practitioners. These are usually granted for work already done, whereas the Challenges category sets a goal and offers to reward those who meet it.

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The Innovation in Politics Awards

The annual Innovation in Politics Awards recognise creative politicians from across Europe who have the courage to break new ground to find innovative solutions for today’s challenges.

Technology Innovation Awards

Does your nonprofit have a technology related project idea that will advance your mission?

LaborTech Book & Graduate Student Paper Awards

We aim to reframe the conversation about technology and labor towards issues of power, inequality, and social justice, and incorporate themes of feminism, anti-racism, and transnationalism. 

Nesta Democracy Pioneers

Democracy Pioneers is an award for innovations that are experimenting with ways to re-energise civic participation and everyday democracy in the UK.

Anthem Awards's Responsible Tech categories

Celebrating purpose & mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide.


The Nigeria Integrity Film Awards (HomeVida) is a unique platform that provides incentives for young scriptwriters and filmmakers to promote integrity values using film while influencing the wider public.

SDI Digital Democracy Awards

The 2021 SDI Digital Democracy Awards seek to recognise these achievements by awarding category winners across Inspiration, Innovation, Inclusion & Impact.

Engaged Cities Award

We aim to find and elevate the diverse ways that city leaders are actively engaging their citizens to solve critical public problems.

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