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The Foundation oversees two mutually supporting organizations: (1) Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), a wholly owned corporate subsidiary, and (2) Programs, the charitable activities of the Foundation.

Open Data Charter

The Open Data Charter is a collaboration between governments and organisations working to open up data based on a shared set of Principles.

Barcelona Digital City

The priority of Barcelona is to go beyond the concept of smart city or smart city and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by data-based technologies and their great power of transformation.


GreenAlert is a Web platform which allows users to track environmental impact assessments (EIA) in their areas. Citizens can find their location to see the details of an EIA: the official ID, the project description, status of the development, and the government body responsible for authorising and monitoring the development. Citizens can also register for personalised alerts by just click the # on the right-hand corner of the map and GreenAlert will send them real-time notifications by email or SMS. As of October 2018 #GreenAlert had tracked about 8 688 EIAs around the country (Last updated 2017)

10 Principles for Workers' Data Rights | UNI Global

UNI Global Union's Top Ten Principles for Workers' Data Rights fills an enormous gap with regards workers' rights in the new world of work. As management increasingly uses data to hire, fire, promote and discipline workers, we demand the right of explanation as to what data they use, how they store this data, where they got it from, and what they will do with it. Without these rights, we will forever be subject to unilateral data-informed managerial decisions.

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