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Innovative approaches to advertising that drive awareness to underpromoted causes, or, alternatively, investigations into the power behind advertising money and platforms.

Louder (Loudsauce)

At Louder we've spent a lot of time asking people to give reach to what they believe deserves more attention. This page is dedicated to the lessons we've learned.

Human Agency

Human Agency is a platform that democratizes the tools of advertising

Outfox AI

Outfox AI is an intuitive, low-cost Facebook ad-buying platform for down-ballot progressive campaigns and causes.

Ad Observer

Political campaigns spend a lot of money to reach voters on Facebook. Are they telling the truth? Are they saying different things to different people? Help hold them accountable by installing our browser plugin, which sends us the ads you see on Facebook.


Play or Get Played – the app antidote to deceptive political ads, from PLAYED lets you score if you recognize the tricks that manipulate your emotions in political ads. You play an ad and click each time you feel an emotion or see a trick. The goal: Don't get played!

NYU Tandon Cybersecurity for Democracy

Cybersecurity for Democracy is a research-based effort to expose online threats to our social fabric – and recommend how to counter them. We are part of the Center for Cybersecurity at NYU.

Ad Watch breaks open the machine of political advertisements on Facebook and Instagram with data of more than 150 parties in 34 countries.

Ad Observatory

Facing legal action by Facebook

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